Cecil and Orlando

12/20 11:25am EST – Happily Ever After, the story of Cecil and Orlando as reported by The NY Daily News. 12/19 7:40pm EST – Notable video clips and news stories: Orlando’s trainer, Jessy DiNapoli, on Good Day New York  News12 visits Guiding Eyes Headquarters and Training Center to observe guide dog training. CNN reports on… Continue reading Cecil and Orlando

2013 Winter Grad Newsletter

Text Transcript Winter 2013 Graduate Newsletter Audio Content The following links will play audio content. After selecting your desired content, it will be played on a new browser page. When finished press the (Control key plus F4) to close the player window and return to the previous menu of choices. Introduction Table of Contents Greeting… Continue reading 2013 Winter Grad Newsletter

A Day in the Life: Linda Hunt & Ada

Dear Guiding Eyes, Thank you for an ordinary day. Yesterday, after breakfast and obedience for Ada, our journey began with Ada locating the bus stop for a trip downtown to Starbucks.   Then we took another bus trip to my church to peel apples for pies for the upcoming bazaar.  Ada’s manners were impeccable while… Continue reading A Day in the Life: Linda Hunt & Ada

Lee Nordin

With great sadness, Guiding Eyes for the Blind announces the passing of our colleague, mentor and friend, Lee Nordin. Lee’s career at Guiding Eyes began in 1999.  As Director of Canine Development, she was the driving force behind Guiding Eyes’ STEP program, the relationship-based approach to training our puppies.  The program has prompted global change… Continue reading Lee Nordin

A Day in the Life: Another Dog Guide Adventure

by graduate Ann Chiappetta Ann Chiappetta is a mom, wife and therapist from New York.  She typically travels through life at a high rate of speed, always accompanied by Guiding Eyes dog Verona.  This post is an excerpt from Ann’s own blog –http://www.thought-wheel.com/ We set out to get a bite to eat for lunch, an… Continue reading A Day in the Life: Another Dog Guide Adventure

2014 Graduation Ceremonies

Graduation ceremonies mark the culmination of a new guide dog team’s training, but also the beginning of their life-changing journey together.   The ceremonies begin at 1:15 pm and are approximately one hour long.  A tour of the kennel follows.  All are open to the public; for additional information, contact info@guidingeyes.org. Mark your calendars… here are the… Continue reading 2014 Graduation Ceremonies

November/December 2013 Graduate Class

Special recognition and thanks to our 2013 Graduation Sponsor, Sally Stokhamer. We are extremely grateful for Carolyn Guyon’s generosity in sponsoring the training of Guiding Eyes Token. “Token, a nice dog for a nice lady.” Meet our Residential Graduates Ledale & Rusty Betsy & Token Susan & Fabri Michele & Wyman Barbara & Carmel Barbara… Continue reading November/December 2013 Graduate Class

How we joined the Guiding Eyes family

by Volunteer Puppy Raiser Andrew Moore Everyone who works for or volunteers with Guiding Eyes has their own unique story about how they got involved.  I consider our story to be a little different than most but, for us, it really was the perfect alignment of disconnected segments that brought my wife, DeAnna, and me… Continue reading How we joined the Guiding Eyes family

October/November 2013 Graduate Class

  Special recognition and thanks to our 2013 Graduation Sponsor, Sally Stokhamer. Thank you and congratulations to the Volunteer Puppy Raisers.  Meet our Residential Graduates Anita & Kenneth Paul & Ray Patricia J. & Thansa Patricia N. & Fellow Kevin & Anson David & Martin Kerri & Marcus Bill & Warren Jessie & Parson Natalie… Continue reading October/November 2013 Graduate Class

My Life as a Puppy Raiser

by volunteer Nancy Teague I had been a career-crazed Manhattanite.  Burned out with my self-obsessed lifestyle, I threw it aside to move to the country, and volunteer my time to a very worthy cause – Guiding Eyes. I began my first puppy raising experience about a year and a half ago.  I went through the… Continue reading My Life as a Puppy Raiser