Raising a Guiding Eyes Puppy

Raising a puppy is an exciting commitment to a furry friend and an incredibly rewarding journey.   While there are ups and downs along the way, there is nothing more meaningful than watching that [...]

A Mother's Day gift that gives back

In partnership with Pour le Monde, Spa Heroes is proud to offer a specially priced, limited release of Empower natural perfume as its inaugural Beauty Hero, just in time for Mother’s Day.  $5 [...]

Do our dogs REALLY think?

by Guiding Eyes graduate Deni Elliott  The question, from a new guide dog user, surprised me. I had heard this question plenty of times from people who don’t know dogs and from some pet dog [...]

Wrangler’s Canine Friends

People frequently ask why Wrangler doesn’t get to play with the dogs that visit the Today Show set, such as Westminster winner Miss. P.  Like most dogs, Wrangler loves a good play date and can [...]

Enjoying Freedom

My name is Tom Babinszki and I graduated from Guiding Eyes with yellow Lab Baldwin in November, 2014.  I used a cane confidently for the last twenty years – I grew up in Hungary and have [...]