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About Wrangler


Training for Life-Changing Adventures.Wrangler
Wrangler is a guide dog in training, who spent the first year of his life growing up, learning life skills, and delighting hosts, guests and viewers alike, on the set of the Today Show.

Under the watchful eye of his puppy raiser, Saxon, Wrangler learned manners and socialization training. He experienced all kinds of adventures, from exploring the studio, to flying to other cities. He mastered basic training skills such as heel and sit, completed obstacle courses, interacted with other animals, and enjoyed meeting celebrities and his many fans on the Plaza.

Over the course of the year, we watched Wrangler grow from a “puppy with a purpose” to a potential guide dog.

If you’d like to re-live some of Wrangler’s best moments from the show, check out these videos and blog posts from his first 6 months here.


What’s Wrangler up to now?
Wrangler’s well on his way to fulfilling his promise of opening up a world of extraordinary adventures to people with a visual impairment.

Since leaving the Today Show, Wrangler has been working with Guiding Eyes’ Senior Instructor, Stephanie Koret, to gain a foundation of skills that he’ll need to be an effective guide dog. Right now, Wrangler is learning more advanced skills with the Assistant Director of Training, Graham Buck, who is teaching him how to adapt to working with a potential partner.

“I will work with him in situations that mirror his intended partner’s lifestyle and at a pace that matches his handlers gait.  Wrangler has an independent and self-assured demeanor that will serve him well as a guide for his blind partner.” Graham Buck

We’re proud of the progress he’s been making, and we’re excited to see how he manages the next steps on his journey towards becoming a Guide Dog.

Learn more about becoming a puppy raiser, or volunteering with Guiding Eyes.


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The Today Show talents: Natalie Morales, Carson Daly, Savannah Guthrie, Matt Lauer, and Al Roker all holding future Guide Dog, Wrangler