The Guiding Eyes team is dedicated to expanding horizons for people who are blind and visually impaired – by empowering them with the freedom to achieve life’s goals.

Board of Directors

Chair – Wendy Aglietti
Vice Chair – Mary J. Conway
Treasurer – Robert Druskin
Secretary – Jane Adams

Wendy S. David
John L. Donnelly
David Fein
Paul Holland
Curt J. Landtroop
Eduardo Andrade

Jane C. Parker
Cory Shields
Matthew E. Zames
Thomas McC. Souther
Susan Litwer


  • Jane Russenberger
    Jane Russenberger Senior Director of Genetics and Breeding
  • Kathryn Zubrycki
    Kathryn Zubrycki Vice President of Training Programs
  • Jennifer Schell Podoll
    Jennifer Schell Podoll Chief Development Officer
  • Susan Ludwig
    Susan Ludwig Controller


  • Gail Resnikoff
    Gail Resnikoff Director of Planned Giving
  • Kimberly Benson
    Kimberly Benson Director of Special Gifts
  • Kimberly Haywood
    Kimberly Haywood Senior Director, Development

Training, Admissions & Student Services

  • Nick Lehrer
    Nick Lehrer Residential Services Manager
  • Ben Cawley
    Ben Cawley Director of Admissions
  • Marianne Coiro, R.N., Lead Nurse
    Marianne Coiro, R.N., Lead Nurse Student Health Services
  • Becky Barnes
    Becky Barnes Manager of Consumer Outreach & Graduate Support
  • Gerald Brenninkmeyer
    Gerald Brenninkmeyer Director of Canine Program Development
  • Ellin Purcell
    Ellin Purcell Director of Special Needs
  • James Gardner
    James Gardner Director of Home Training
  • Graham Buck
    Graham Buck Assistant Director of Training

Veterinary Services

  • Dr. Beth Brenninkmeyer, DVM
    Dr. Beth Brenninkmeyer, DVM Chief Veterinary Officer
  • Dr. Shannon Matthies, DVM
    Dr. Shannon Matthies, DVM Staff Veterinarian
  • Valerie Quick
    Valerie Quick Training School Kennel Manager
  • Dr. Rachel Albert DVM

Guiding Eyes Canine Development Center

  • Jennifer White
    Jennifer White Whelping Kennel Manager
  • Ellen Mitchell
    Ellen Mitchell Volunteer Services Manager
  • G-Lee Bridges
    G-Lee Bridges Early Socialization Manager
  • Kerry Lemerise
    Kerry Lemerise Puppy Program Manager
  • Maria Lazzaro
    Maria Lazzaro Director of Operations Canine Development Center Campus