Travis and Francisco

Meet Graduate Travis Graduate Team:  Travis and FranciscoAbout the Team:  Francisco, a male yellow Labrador, is Travis’ 1st guide dogLocation:  St. Joseph, MissouriTraining: September 2023 Home Training Travis is a busy dad of two teenage boys, who tragically lost his sight in a hunting accident in 2008. Despite the challenges he faced, through determination, a… Continue reading Travis and Francisco

Angela and Alyssa

Meet Graduate Angela Graduate Team: Angela and AlyssaAbout the Team: Alyssa, a female yellow Lab, is Angela’s 2nd Guiding Eyes dogHometown: South Windsor, ConnecticutTraining: August 2023 On-Campus & At Home Angela is retired from a career in property management and resides in northern Connecticut, near the state capital of Hartford. She attended Manchester Community College… Continue reading Angela and Alyssa

Gail and Danielle

Meet Graduate Gail Graduate Team: Gail and DanielleAbout the Team: Danielle, a female black Lab, is Gail’s 4th guide dogLocation: Pembine, WisconsinTraining: September 2023 On-Campus Gail is retired and lives with her husband Bob in the North Woods of Wisconsin.  She loves cooking and baking, so much so, that she and Bob will bake cookies… Continue reading Gail and Danielle

Cathy and Meg

Meet Graduate Cathy Graduate Team: Catherine and MegAbout the team: Meg, a female black Lab, is Cathy’s 1st guide dogLocation: Newburgh, MaineTraining: September 2023 On-Campus Cathy is retired from a career in banking. She and her husband live in Newburgh, Maine where they live an active life, including regular travel around the state and visiting… Continue reading Cathy and Meg

Guide Dog Kaya

Meet Guide Dog Kaya DOB:  4/14/2021Litter ID: 1K21Color/Breed:  Black/LabradorGender: FemaleBrood: OrioleStud: ArbyLittermates: Kevin, Kodiak, KennethRegion:  Northern NJRegional Puppy Instructor: Elizabeth VacchianoPuppy Raiser:  Olivia MillerFacebook: Northern New Jersey Puppy Raisers From the Puppy Raiser… What an honor it is to have raised such a remarkably intelligent, yet silly, willing, and loving dog like Kaya. From the moment I laid eyes on… Continue reading Guide Dog Kaya

Teddy and Dan

Meet Graduate Teddy Graduate Team: Teddy and DanAbout the Team: Dan, a male black Lab, is Teddy’s 2nd guide dogLocation: Montrose, New YorkTraining: September 2023 Home Training Teddy studied electronics in trade school and worked with Xerox for many years after being recommended for a position servicing copy machines. Teddy supports the community whenever he… Continue reading Teddy and Dan

DeAnna and Whimsey

Meet Graduate DeAnna Graduate Team:  DeAnna and WhimseyAbout the Team:  Whimsey, a female black Lab, is DeAnna’s 2nd Guiding Eyes dogLocation:  Bristol, TennesseeTraining:  September 2023 On-Campus Training DeAnna is originally from Mississippi, where she earned her bachelors and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees at Mississippi State University. She was a practicing veterinarian for more than… Continue reading DeAnna and Whimsey

Irene and Tex

Meet Graduate Irene Graduate Team: Irene and TexAbout the Team: Tex, a male black Lab, is Irene’s 2nd Guide DogLocation: Westfield, MassachusettsTraining: August 2023 On-Campus Irene and her husband Jeff have been married for 23 years and they currently live near Springfield, Massachusetts. She has two adult children, Joshua and Karen. Irene was born in… Continue reading Irene and Tex

Bradley and Laurel

Meet Graduate Brad Graduate Team: Bradley and LaurelAbout the team: Laurel, a female black Lab, is Brad’s 3rd guide dog (1st Guiding Eyes)Location: Toronto, Ontario, CanadaTraining: September 2023 On-Campus Brad is retired from a career in banking and has been a guide dog user for decades. He and his wife, also a guide dog user,… Continue reading Bradley and Laurel

Margot and Jennifer

Meet Graduate Margot Graduate Team:  Margot and JenniferAbout the Team:  Jennifer, a female black Lab, is Margot’s 2nd Guiding Eyes dogLocation:   Denver, ColoradoTraining:  July 2023 On-Campus Margot is a licensed clinical social worker, (LCSW), and works as a therapist and case manager at a mental health center in Colorado. For almost 30 years Margot has… Continue reading Margot and Jennifer