Paul and Collin

Meet Graduate Paul Graduate Team: Paul and CollinAbout the Team: Collin, a female yellow Lab, is Paul’s 2nd Guiding Eyes dogHometown: Parma, OhioTraining: November 2022 On-Campus Training Paul was born and raised in Ohio and currently lives “a stone’s throw” from Cleveland. His first guide dog, Leonard, was retired after eight and a half years… Continue reading Paul and Collin

Kimberly and Kiwi

Meet Graduate Kimberly   Graduate Team:  Kimberly and KiwiAbout the Team:  Kiwi, a female black Lab, is Kimberly’s 5th guide from Guiding EyesHometown:  Overland Park, KansasTraining: October 2022 Home Training   Kimberly resides in the metropolitan Kansas City area. She earned her undergraduate degree from Baker University, a small liberal arts college in Baldwin City, KS.… Continue reading Kimberly and Kiwi

Kira and Ferrari

Meet Graduate Kira Graduate Team: Kira and FerrariAbout the Team: Ferrari, a male black Lab, is Kira’s 1st guide dogHometown: Chicago, IllinoisTraining: October 2022 Home Training Kira relocated from Nashville, Tennessee to Chicago three years ago, looking for the more accessible, navigable environment that a big city offers. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Integrated… Continue reading Kira and Ferrari

Kimberly and Dahlia

Meet Graduate Kimberly Graduate Team: Kimberly and DahliaAbout the Team: Dahlia, a yellow female Lab, is Kimberly’s 4th Guiding Eyes dogHometown: Washington, D.C.Training: October 2022 Home Training Kimberly received her first guide dog from Guiding Eyes twenty years ago when she was eighteen. Kimberly grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She attended Wake… Continue reading Kimberly and Dahlia

Christian and Gabe

Meet Graduate Christian Graduate Team:  Christian and GabeAbout the Team:  Gabe, a male yellow Lab, is Christian’s 2nd Guiding Eyes dogHometown:  Schenectady, New YorkTraining: October 2022 Home Training Christian was born and raised in San Diego, CA, but moved to upstate New York in 2017, not only for a change in his life direction, but… Continue reading Christian and Gabe

Gwendolyn and Julie

Meet Graduate Gwendolyn Graduate Team: Gwendolyn and JulieAbout the Team: Julie, a female yellow Lab, is Gwendolyn’s 4th Guiding Eyes dogHometown:  Essex Junction, VermontTraining: October 2022 On-Campus Training Gwendolyn and her guide dog, Julie, live in Essex Junction in western Vermont. Gwendolyn helps others through her work as an intuitive healer and spiritual counselor. A… Continue reading Gwendolyn and Julie

Melchion and Larson

Meet Graduate Melchion Graduate Team:  Melchion and LarsonAbout the Team: Larson, a male yellow Lab is Melchion’s 1st guide dogHometown:  Freeport, New YorkTraining: October 2022 On-Campus Training Melchion is always busy! He stays active practicing martial arts, running or playing on his Beep Baseball team.  He is a self-employed consultant, testing websites and applications on… Continue reading Melchion and Larson

Krista and VanDyke

Meet Graduate Krista Graduate Team:  Krista and VanDykeAbout the Team:  VanDyke, a male yellow Labrador, is Krista’s 2nd Guiding Eyes dogHometown:  St. Paul, MinnesotaTraining: October 2022 Home Training Krista is originally from North Dakota. This returning Guiding Eyes graduate holds two bachelor’s degrees. The first, a degree in management from Minot State and the second… Continue reading Krista and VanDyke

Justine and Iris

Meet Graduate Justine Graduate Team: Justine and IrisAbout the Team: Iris, a female black Lab, is Justine’s 1st guide dogHometown: Cedar Falls, IowaTraining: October 2022 On-Campus Training Justine is a junior and International Studies major at DePaul University with a minor in Economics. She is interested in pursuing a career in the humanities post-graduation, ideally… Continue reading Justine and Iris

Daniela and Leilani

Meet Graduate Daniela Graduate Team: Daniela and LeilaniAbout the Team: Leilani, a female yellow Lab, is Daniela’s 2nd Guiding Eyes dogHometown: Chicago, IllinoisTraining: October 2022 On-Campus Daniela is 31 years old and currently works and resides in Chicago, Illinois. She was born in Virginia, but grew up in Honduras, Central America. She moved to the Chicago… Continue reading Daniela and Leilani