Jaydene and Nita

Meet Graduate Jaydene Graduate Team:  Jaydene and NitaAbout the Team:  Nita, a female yellow Lab, is Jaydene’s 2nd Guiding Eyes dogLocation:  Bronx, New YorkTraining: February 2023 On-Campus Jaydene is a returning graduate, having received her first guide dog, Licorice, from Guiding Eyes in 2014. She studied hospitality in Buffalo before returning to work in NYC.… Continue reading Jaydene and Nita

Kathleen and Greeley

Meet Graduate Kathleen Graduate Team: Kathleen and GreeleyAbout the Team: Greeley, a female black Lab, is Kat’s 4th guide dog – 1st Guiding Eyes dogLocation: Bellingham, WashingtonTraining: February 2023 On-Campus Training Kathleen was born and raised in Oregon and currently resides in Washington State, not far from the Canadian border. Kat has been totally blind… Continue reading Kathleen and Greeley

John and Dora

Meet Graduate John Graduate Team: John and DoraAbout the Team: Dora, a female black Lab, is John’s 5th Guiding Eyes dogLocation: Coral Springs, FloridaTraining: January 2023 On-Campus John is a returning graduate, receiving his fifth guide dog since first being introduced to Guiding Eyes in 1982. John attended Florida Atlantic University and is a certified… Continue reading John and Dora

Dory and Fallon

Meet Graduate Dory Graduate Team:  Dory and FallonAbout the Team:  Fallon, a female black Lab is Dory’s 6th Guiding Eyes dogLocation:  Augusta, GeorgiaTraining:  January 2023 Home Training Dory is a retired nurse having served active duty in the United States Navy for 6 years. This was followed by many years in the Naval Reserves and… Continue reading Dory and Fallon

Abigail and Oakley

Meet Graduate Abigail Graduate Team: Abigail and OakleyAbout the Team: Oakley, a male black lab, is Abigail’s 3rd guide dogLocation: Louisville, KentuckyTraining: January 2023 On-Campus Abigail is a vision rehabilitation therapist, teaching Braille and life skills at her state center for 12 years. Oakley joins Abigail, her husband, and an orange tabby cat, Kenzie. Abby’s… Continue reading Abigail and Oakley

Macy and Kurt

Meet Graduate Macy Graduate Team: Macy and KurtAbout the Team: Kurt, a male yellow Lab, is Macy’s first guide dogLocation: Fayetteville, ArkansasTraining:  January 2023 On-Campus Macy is a sophomore at the University of Arkansas, majoring in Music Performance. She lives off campus with roommate, Caitlyn, who happens to be her best friend and a fellow Guiding… Continue reading Macy and Kurt

Richard and Shamrock

Special Recognition: Rich and Shamrock’s training was sponsored by the Somer’s Charity Car Show honoring the Veterans, organized by the DeMarco family.  We, the DeMarco family are elated to see a veteran in need receive a guide dog. For the past 6 years, we have hosted a car show in memory of Louis DeMarco, our… Continue reading Richard and Shamrock

Daryl and Yasha

Meet Graduate Daryl Graduate Team: Daryl and YashaAbout the Team: Yasha, a female yellow Lab, is Daryl’s 1st Guiding Eyes dog & 2nd guide dogLocation: Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaTraining: January 2023 On-Campus Daryl was born and raised near Vancouver, British Columbia and moved to Edmonton, Alberta, in 2004. Yasha joins a big family, with Daryl, her… Continue reading Daryl and Yasha

Apryl and Harmony

Meet Graduate Apryl Graduate Team: Apryl and HarmonyAbout the Team: Harmony, a female black Lab, is Apryl’s 1st guide dogLocation: Brandon, ManitobaTraining:  January 2023 On-Campus Apryl works as a medical receptionist and administrative assistant at an orthopedics practice. She completed an online program, earning a diploma for administrative professionals, through Robertson College. She lives with… Continue reading Apryl and Harmony

Doug and Crew

Meet Graduate Doug Graduate Team: Douglas and CrewAbout the Team: Crew, a male yellow Lab, is Doug’s 1st Guiding Eyes dogLocation: Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaTraining: January 2023 On-Campus Training Doug is an experienced guide dog handler; however, a first-time guiding eyes graduate. He lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with his partner Daryl, a legal assistant and… Continue reading Doug and Crew