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Christopher and Wonder

Meet Home Training Graduate Christopher

Graduate Christopher and guide dog WonderGraduate Team:  Christopher and Wonder
About the Team:  Wonder, a female yellow Lab, is Christopher’s 3rd guide dog
Hometown:  Port Orchard, Washington
Guide Dog Mobility Instructor:  Michael Goehring

Christopher has a bachelor’s degree in political science and history from New Mexico Highlands University.  He worked for the Department of the Navy for many years and is preparing to head back to school for a master’s degree in Human Resource Management. Christopher is a sportsman and enjoys the outdoors, including hiking, hunting and camping.  His other hobbies include reading and sculpting.  Christopher is a busy parent to his children and stepchildren.

How would you describe your guide dog? “Wonder has lots of spunk!  She is energetic, curious and eager to work.  She also loves to be loved and welcomes lots of attention and belly rubs.  Wonder is a running guide, so she is versatile and very supportive of my active lifestyle. Although I like the control and feedback from a traditional harness when navigating a close or crowded environment, I prefer the lightweight running harness in more open environments and during physical activity.”

What made you decide to apply for a guide dog from Guiding Eyes? “My first guide dog was from another guide dog school.  When it was time to apply for a new guide, Guiding Eyes was a great fit.   The Guiding Eyes community is like a family. I feel that everything needed to support the student and dog is available. Guiding Eyes considers all factors to ensure success.”

How has having a guide dog impacted your life?  “Having a guide dog is a profound experience.  Whether it be your first dog or your third, every dog brings something unique to the relationship and the experience.  Getting a guide dog is like being given sight on a different level.  I can travel more efficiently and navigate my environment much more easily.  A guide dog is absolute freedom!”

Were there any training highlights?  “I participated in the Home Training program with Wonder.  It was great to train in my home surroundings.  My environment was new to Wonder, and I was the “constant” for her.  I think this contributed to us establishing a quick and deep bond.  My instructor Michael was able to assess the environment and adjust the training as needed.”


Meet Guide Dog Wonder

Wonder is full of life! She really enjoys being out in the world, experiencing everything – the more challenging the better. She loves the most difficult surfaces and busy environments. At an Ohio State women’s basketball game, she was so comfortable and confident that she made it onto the Jumbotron and got a big round of applause. Once home, she loves to snuggle with her family members, (human and canine), as close as she get. We are so proud of Wonder and so excited for her new handler. We wish you both well on your new adventure!

Janet Newcity, Puppy Raiser of Wonder

Enjoy these photos of the team and Wonder as a pup on program…