Guiding Eyes’ Community of Supporters

Behind each Guiding Eyes for the Blind guide dog team stands a community of supporters. Graduations give us the opportunity to reflect on the generosity of the members of this community, who give of their time, resources and expertise to support Guiding Eyes and our incredible graduating teams in countless ways. Whether corporate sponsors or one of our many volunteers, all play a vital role in this organization’s life-changing mission.

An example of the interconnected spirit of our Guiding Eyes community is our long-standing relationship with corporate sponsor Priceline, who  generously sponsored our June Graduation this past weekend. Priceline employees in attendance were Eduardo Andrade, a valued member of our Board of Directors who graciously filled in for Thomas Panek at the podium, Heiko and Susan Johannsen, currently raising 13-month-old pup on program Granite (1GG18), Ken Kirchoff, adopter of released puppy Guiding Eyes Nate (6N313), and supporter Jenn Merritt, together celebrating our graduates and supporting our mission.

We thank Priceline and are grateful for their years of collaboration and support.

Priceline is thrilled to celebrate this graduating class. Guiding Eyes for the Blind does invaluable work and we are proud to be among the many who support and admire them. Congratulations!

— Priceline


To learn more about opportunities for supporting the Guiding Eyes mission, please visit More Ways to Give and Volunteer.