Volunteers are a vital part of the Guiding Eyes community. From raising, training, and socializing potential guide dogs to supporting our day-to-day operations, there are many ways you can become involved in this life-changing mission.  We’d love for you to join us in our mission! Please see below for current volunteer opportunities, or if you’d like to get a head start on a volunteer application, click here.

Questions? Please email volunteer@guidingeyes.org for assistance.

Puppy Raising

Raising a puppy for Guiding Eyes for the Blind is a gift of love.

Puppy raisers provide a loving home, teach good social skills and house manners, attend training classes, and coordinate care with Guiding Eyes veterinary staff to help raise a successful guide dog. These dedicated volunteers are spread out across nearly 40 puppy raising regions, from Maine to North Carolina and west to Ohio.

Campus Volunteers

From providing kennel assistance to working in our offices, the support of our team of dedicated volunteers, is critical to completing our mission to provide quality guide dogs. (Opportunities available at our Patterson, NY and Yorktown Heights, NY facilities.)

Foster a Brood/Stud

The dogs in our Breeding Program represent the future generations of guide dogs for our organization, and we entrust their health, safety, and well-being to foster volunteers who are dedicated to the Guiding Eyes for the Blind mission.

Foster volunteers provide a permanent home for a Guiding Eyes brood or stud dog.

Home Litter Care

Hosting a mom and litter of future guide dog puppies can be a joyful and fulfilling role.

For up to 5 weeks, our hosts provide a safe home environment along with lots of love, gentle massage, and progressive socialization for the puppies.

Early Training & Socialization

The Early Training & Socialization Program helps our puppies develop confidence, resilience, and the ability to form strong bonds with people – all vital skills as they become guide dogs.

Home Socialization

Home socializers bring two puppies to their home for 3 to 5 days, to help them become accustomed to new sights, sounds, and people.

Please note: Some of our volunteers are eligible to claim an income tax deduction. For more information, please consult your tax professional.