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Fund an initiative that aligns with your foundation’s charitable goals

Foundation Giving

At Guiding Eyes for the Blind, we strive to provide people with vision loss the ability to enjoy the same opportunities and experiences as anyone else: freedom and independence; confidence to travel without relying on others; the ability to run without waiting on a sighted guide; to collaborate with classmates and colleagues on all levels, to pursue educational and career goals of their choosing; and to safely navigate the world with just their loyal, intelligent guide dog by their side.

Our mission is driven by the generosity of donors, to whom we are deeply grateful. The foundations, trusts, and family funds that partner with Guiding Eyes make a meaningful impact on the lives of people with vision loss through:

  • support of our training programs
  • the purchase of equipment
  • breeding and genetics initiatives
  • general operations

Whether you are passionate about pups or people, partner with Guiding Eyes to fund a program or initiative that aligns with your foundation’s charitable goals.


To share your grant opportunity or invite Guiding Eyes to apply for funding, please contact Heather McGorman, Foundation Relations Officer, at 914-243-2245 or