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Photo Round-Up: Golf Classic 2023 at Mount Kisco Country Club

Loki, a male yellow lab guide dog in-training, poses with a golf ball on the course during the fundraiser event at Mount Kisco Country Club on Monday, June 12, 2023.

Eli Manning, a longtime friend of our organization and current board member, kneels with his close friend and fellow Guiding Eyes supporter, Pat Browne III. Pat’s father, Pat Browne Jr., was a champion blind golfer who helped pioneer the sport. Eli and Pat pose for a photo with guide dogs in-training Fame, a female black and tan German Shepherd, and Amaya, a female yellow Labrador Retriever.

A smiling team of golfers poses with Eli Manning on the green. Guide dogs in-training Fame and Amaya lay at the group’s feet.

A team of golfers and their caddy pose for a group photo with Eli Manning in the middle. Guide dogs in-training Loki, Fame, and Amaya lay together in a down position at their feet.

Success! A happy team of golfers and their caddy happily pose for the camera after sinking a tough putt.

Thomas Panek, Guiding Eyes President & CEO, and his wife Melissa smile for a photo during the porch cocktail hour. Melissa holds Cici, a female black lab puppy, in her arms.

An event attendee smiles down at Doc, a male black and tan German Shepherd puppy, who comfortably sits in his arms.

Supporters at our Cocktail Hour share a special moment with Cici, a black lab puppy, held in the hands of a volunteer.

Captain, a male black lab puppy, looks toward the camera from the arms of a happy attendee.

Two attendees at the cocktail hour pose for a photo with Cici, a black Labrador Retriever puppy.

Doc, a German Shepherd puppy, confidently strides toward the camera with a bright blue ball in his mouth after assisting with picking a winner during the ball drop raffle.

Pat Davis, Guiding Eyes board member and our emcee for the event, welcomes the room from beside the podium.

Elena Consalvo, Guiding Eyes Chief Development Officer, presents prizes to a golfer, including a large plush yellow lab wearing a navy Guiding Eyes bandana.

Winner winner, chicken dinner! A happy golfer excitedly accepts their plush yellow lab prize during the prize-giving ceremony.

Ashley, a Guiding Eyes graduate, joined us to give a moving speech during the dinner program. Ashley speaks at the podium with Lolly, her black lab guide dog, relaxing in a down position at Ashley’s feet. Lolly is in harness and wears a striped rainbow bowtie around her neck for the occasion.

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