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Photo Roundup: Golf Classic 2022 at Mount Kisco Country Club

Guide dogs in-training Ulysses (yellow lab), Tommy, (black lab), and Chai (yellow lab) pose on the dark green golf cart.

Eli Manning, longtime friend of our organization and current board member, poses with a group of Golf Classic participants. Future guide dogs Ulysses, Tommy, and Chai lay attentively at their feet for the photo.

Eli Manning introduces himself to a team of Golf Classic participants during a quick break from play on the green.

Photographer John Vecchiolla captures a group photo of golfers with Eli Manning in the middle. Guide dogs in-training Ulysses, Tommy, and Chai pose in a down position at their feet.

Eli Manning greets a group of golfers on the green on a beautiful day in Mount Kisco, New York.

Ulysses happily wiggles while receiving a pet from a golfer while on course during the Golf Classic. Ulysses’ leash is held by Louise Thompson, Specialized Training Guide Dog Mobility Instructor.

A group of happy golfers pose for a photo with Eli Manning and future guide dogs Ulysses, Tommy, and Chai.

Ulysses gives a quick kiss on the face to a golfer who has bent over to say hello to the happy pup.

Eli smiles for a photo with a foursome of Golf Classic participants while on the green at Mount Kisco Country Club. Future guide dogs Ulysses, Tommy, and Chai expertly pose for the photo at the golfers’ feet.

Future guide dogs Chai, Tommy, and Ulysses sit together on the green at Mount Kisco County Club with a beautiful vista of the course in the background. All three pups have happy smiles for the camera.

Guests at the Golf Classic cocktail hour pose for a photo while holding a yellow lab puppy in their arms.

Eli Manning throws the plastic bucket of bright blue balls onto the grass for our Ball Drop Fundraiser, while Guiding Eyes volunteer Arlene releases yellow lab puppy Yvetta at the same moment. Yvetta’s job was to pick the winning ball.

Active guide dog Stan happily smiles for the camera while standing beside the pen of adorable yellow lab puppies.

A yellow lab puppy receives some attention from in the arms of a Golf Classic attendee.

A yellow lab puppy reaches their head up to give some kisses to the attendee holding the wiggly pup in their arms.