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Magnum seems to say "again with the photos?" as he and Joanne happily take a strollIn June of this year, graduate Joanne Callahan completed Residential Training with her 8th Guiding Eyes guide dog, a handsome yellow Lab named Magnum. We are pleased to share with you an article recently posted on, featuring Joanne, her longstanding relationship with Guiding Eyes for the Blind and her successful career in the CIA. The article also includes comments from Thomas Panek, President and CEO, on how guide dogs can be helpful in making anything possible for those with vision loss.

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TODAY.COM:  Former CIA analyst shares adventures with guide dogs over 33-year career
Guide dogs helped Joanne Callahan navigate a successful 33-year career with the CIA – and now Magnum will help her enjoy retirement.


You may also enjoy reading more about  Joanne and Magnum’s story on their graduate team webpage.