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How I Change the World

An original poem from youth volunteer puppy raiser, Kyle Carey, Orange County Region 

From eight weeks

To 18 months
One dog, one volunteer
16 months of house training

From sit to stand
To heel and close
Many commands to teach
But this is only the beginning

Another six months of professional training to go
This done by the Guiding Eyes trainers
All for a very special dog
A dog that can change

Someone’s life
A service dog
But not any service dog
A Guiding Eyes For The Blind Dog

Guides a person who is blind
Through the hustle and bustle of the busy city
Or the calm country side
The finished product, a $50,000 guide dog
Given to the person for absolutely nothing

This is only possible due to the volunteers
More than 1,400 of them
Among the 1,400 of them is the Carey Family
This is how I change the world.