My new best friend

May graduate Jesus Baeza looks ahead with new guide dog.

My name is Jesus Baeza.  I’m from Austin, Texas and I’ve been totally blind for the last 12 years.  I live a pretty active life style; I’m employed full time and on the weekends I play beep ball.  I compete in body building competitions year round and I’m always learning a new programming language – all while trying to fit in time to hang out with friends.

Nike is my first guide dog and the first biggest responsibility I’ve had thus far.  But at the same time this fuzzy animal is going to be my best friend.  I didn’t know what to expect when coming to Guiding Eyes. I was up at six in the morning to take my buddy out to do his business.  It was followed by his breakfast, which he scarfed down before I could even serve him his water.  He lives to eat, which is what we both have in common.  I see a new reality show coming soon: Dog vs Food, starring Nike. 

This school has every detail and real life scenario worked out so that we students can train and prepare -such as what to do if a car jumps in front of you while walking down the side walk, or if you’re about to walk off the platform at a train station.   I know I made the right decision by coming here.

To Nike, my guide dog and my new workout partner…  Well boy, I don’t know what lies ahead for you and I but I know you have been trained by the best.  I’ll always have a free hand to scratch you behind the ear.  Now let’s go – there’s a whole world out there for us to explore!