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National Volunteer Appreciation Week 2020

National Volunteer Appreciation Week
April 19 – 25

Guiding Eyes for the Blind breeds, raises, trains and places exceptional guide dogs to help people with vision loss lead more fulfilling lives. But we couldn’t carry out this crucial work without our village of over 1,500 dedicated volunteers. From socializing puppies to fostering our broods and studs to raising our future guide dogs, every single one of you has made our life-changing mission possible. From the bottom of our hearts: Thank you!

A message from the Training Department:

Watch the video with audio description here

Video edited by Dan Weesner, GDMI

A message from Puppy Program:

Video edited by Collin Wright, Volunteer Puppy Raiser

A message from Guiding Eyes Staff:

Video edited by Zoe Bennett, Digital and Social Media Specialist

A message from the Graduate Council:

Video edited by Zoe Bennett, Digital and Social Media Specialist

Training School Campus

Kennel Volunteers

Weekend Dog Volunteers

General Admin Volunteers

Business Office Volunteers

Admissions Volunteers

Planned Giving Volunteers

Direct Marketing Volunteers

Digital Marketing Volunteers

Special Events Volunteers (Golf, Lion’s Day, Corporate Volunteer Day, fundraiser events, puppy wranglers, and

       awareness event ambassadors)

Running Guides Volunteers

Graduation Volunteers (greeters, gift shop, puppy wranglers, and support)

Gift Shop Volunteers (graduation, IFT, and student shopping day)

Driver Volunteers

Class Volunteers (shoppers, dog massage class, yoga instructor, and volunteers assisting with meals)

IFT (In-For-Training) Volunteers

Two puppy raisers pose with a black lab during class. The black lab is in a sit position and wears her blue Guiding Eyes training vest.

A yellow lab puppy practices walking over underfootings with the help of two home socialization volunteers.

Gift shop volunteers pose for a photo during a calm moment after a graduation ceremony.

Region Coordinator volunteers participate in a Juno walk under the supervision of trainers on the nature path in Fall 2019.

Canine Development Center Campus

Breeding Kennel Volunteers


Adult Dog Massage Volunteers

Puppy Enrichments Volunteers

Puppy Raisers

Puppy Sitters

Regional Coordinators

Region Drivers

Whelping Kennel Volunteers

Home Socializers

Early Socializers and Puppy Massage

Brood and Stud Fosters

Genetic Admin Volunteers

Puppy Kit Preparation Volunteers

Pup Test Videographers

Maintenance Volunteers

Vet Hospital Volunteers

Volunteer Department Volunteer

Special Event Volunteers (Eye Clinic, Ambassador Events Volunteers, and Puppy Wranglers)

Holiday Decorator and Crafts Volunteer

Holiday Help Volunteers

Temporary Fosters and Sitters

Join our community of passionate volunteers