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Running Guides

The Guiding Eyes for the Blind Running Guides program is the only program of its kind in the world. These extensively tested and trained dogs enable people who are blind to run with only their guide’s support. For the first time, runners who are blind or have low vision don’t have to be reliant on human guides or limited to the treadmill.


Having a Running Guide enhances independence, autonomy and overall physical fitness — whether the team is going for a casual run in the park or training for a marathon. For students who love to run, this training can be added on to any of our other programs.

Additional Resources

Guiding Eyes and the United States Association of Blind Athletes, (USABA), have forged a partnership based on their shared goal of removing boundaries for people with vision loss and challenging accepted notions of independence. United States Association of Blind Athletes provides life-enriching sports opportunities for every individual with visual impairment.

"If I just trust her and go, I’m moving so much faster than I ever would on my own. It’s not about getting someplace sooner; it’s about fluidity. Geo just does Geo and it’s pretty spectacular. We’re careful, but not hesitant. I just trust and it’s so smooth."