Because of Guiding Eyes…

My dog costs as much as a luxury car. That’s three luxury cars over the years – all so that a civil servant can walk to work safely and the people who love her can rest a little easier at [...]

A happy note from a graduate

This morning, I had a doctor’s appointment at the local hospital.  While we were waiting to be called back, a little boy who couldn’t have been more than three came walking through the door [...]

March 2015 Graduating Class

   Thank you to the sponsors of this month’s class: Harold Skolnick, who sponsored the training of Guiding Eyes guide dog Eden. Spencer Cox, from SST European Auto Repair in Danbury, CT. We [...]

Upcoming Events

April 23: Jump for Autism The Rivera family received Heeling Autism Kevin in 2010; they regularly refer to him as their “gift of hope.”  Join the Riveras on Thursday, April 23rd from [...]

Support Guiding Eyes through OP4G

Opinions 4 Good (OP4G) is an online market research company that provides funding for nonprofits across the country.  Since 2011, Guiding Eyes has received almost $30,000 through its partnership [...]

New jacket prompts fun outing

Last week at his first “Walk and Talk” evaluation, Wrangler received his puppy jacket.  This jacket allows Wrangler to be an ambassador for Guiding Eyes while he is socializing in public, and [...]

Running Guides

by Guiding Eyes President and CEO Thomas A. Panek When I lost my eyesight, I had to give up my driver’s license, but not my love of going fast.  For people with vision loss, a working guide dog [...]

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