Logen and Amari

Meet Graduate Logen Graduate Team: Logen and AmariAbout the Team: Amari, a female black Lab, is Logen’s 1st guide dogLocation: Roanoke, VirginiaTraining:  August 2023 On-Campus Logen is a student at Hollins University in Virginia, studying Theater and English with ambitions of becoming a lawyer. Logen is active both on and off the stage, having participated… Continue reading Logen and Amari

Barbara and Zane

Meet Graduate Barbara Graduate Team: Barbara and ZaneAbout the team: Zane, a male yellow Lab, is Barbara’s 2nd Guiding Eyes guide dog (8th overall)Location: San Marcos, CaliforniaTraining: September 2023 Home Training Barbara is retired and lives with her husband Arnold in Southern California, with their pet Dachshund Chatchkie and her guide dog, Zane. Barbara has… Continue reading Barbara and Zane

Graduation: Time to Celebrate

Celebrating New Partnerships Share in the joy of this moment, when our students look forward to the adventures ahead with their Guiding Eyes guide dog.  These intimate celebrations are recorded for guests interested in experiencing a Guiding Eyes graduation, but unable to join us in-person.  It is our hope that people attending graduation, whether in-person… Continue reading Graduation: Time to Celebrate

John and Gibbs

Meet Graduate John Graduate Team: John and GibbsAbout the team: Gibbs, a male black Lab, is John’s 1st guide dogLocation: Orlando, FloridaTraining:  August 2023 On-Campus John and his wife Ann live in Orlando, Florida with their yellow Lab rescue, Millie. The newest member of the family, Gibbs, is John’s first guide dog. John is a… Continue reading John and Gibbs

Pups on Campus

It’s that time of year again, when the autumn air brings with it the familiar feeling of “Back to School.” But this season isn’t just for students; it’s also an exciting time for several Guiding Eyes “Pups-on-Program.” Puppies of varying ages have embarked on college campuses, attending classes, bonding with friends in dorm rooms and… Continue reading Pups on Campus

Miranda and Grover

Meet Graduate Miranda Graduate Team:  Miranda and Grover  About the Team:  Grover, a male black Lab, is Miranda’s 1st guide dogLocation:   Englewood, ColoradoTraining:  August 2023 On-Campus Miranda has loved dogs her entire  life. Before she became blind, she raised 10 guide dog puppies with her family and thinks it serendipitous to have her own guide dog,… Continue reading Miranda and Grover

Latif and Sugar

Meet Graduate Latif Graduate Team:  Latif and SugarAbout the Team:  Sugar, a female yellow Lab is Latif’s 6th guide dog and 3rd from Guiding EyesLocation: Kalamazoo, MichiganTraining: August 2023 On-Campus Latif left Egypt, the country where he was born, in 1981 in pursuit of higher education in the United States. Together, Latif and his wife… Continue reading Latif and Sugar

Puppy Raising – it will change your life

Aileen and released pup Paisley

From Spotify for Podcasters: Guided by Love, by Catherine FenlonAugust 2023:  Guiding Eyes Puppy RaisingGuest: Aileen King, Westchester County NY Puppy Raiser   “It will change your life, genuinely…“ We are pleased to share with you the 2nd podcast highlighting Guiding Eyes from Catherine Fenlon, a high school student and Guiding Eyes volunteer. She was introduced… Continue reading Puppy Raising – it will change your life

Amy and Fairlee

Meet Graduate Amy Graduate Team: Amy and FairleeAbout the Team: Fairlee, a female black Lab, is Amy’s 1st guide dogHometown: Lincoln, NebraskaTraining: August 2023 Home Training Amy was born and raised in Norfolk, Nebraska. She spent time in Kansas City and currently resides in Lincoln, Nebraska. She was born with Retinitis Pigmentosa and a stigmatism,… Continue reading Amy and Fairlee

Maria and Elmer

Meet Graduate Maria Graduate Team: Maria and ElmerAbout the Team: Elmer, a male black Lab, is Maria’s 4th guide dogLocation: Louisville, KentuckyTraining: August 2023 On-Campus Maria has come to Guiding Eyes to be paired with a guide dog every 10 years, since the summer of 1993. Right on time, she returns for her fourth guide… Continue reading Maria and Elmer