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Deborah and Ames

Meet March Residential Graduate Deborah Graduate Team: Deborah and Ames About the Team: Ames, a male black Lab, is Deborah’s first guide dog Hometown:  Farmington, Connecticut Guide Dog Mobility Instructor: Kathryn Poallo Deborah is a data analyst for an insurance company, who is currently working from home. She is married with three children, who are… Continue reading Deborah and Ames

Phil and Kit

Meet March Residential Graduate Phil Graduate Team:  Phil and Kit About the Team:  Kit, a male yellow Lab, is Phil’s 5th guide dog Hometown:  New Bedford, Massachusetts Guide Dog Mobility Instructor:  Michelle Tang Phil grew up in Worcester, MA, and has always enjoyed music. He alone made up the music department at his small high… Continue reading Phil and Kit

Wallezka and Sloan

Meet March Residential Graduate Walle Graduate Team:  Wallezka “Walle” and Sloan About the Team:  Sloan, a male yellow Lab, is Walle’s 1st Guiding Eyes dog Hometown:  Hackensack, New Jersey Guide Dog Mobility Instructor:  Miranda Beckmann (March Residential Class) Walle works as the Office Manager of a private psychiatric practice and is the mother of a beautiful… Continue reading Wallezka and Sloan

Zhenya and Kingston

Meet March Residential Graduate Zhenya Graduate Team: Yevgeniya “Zhenya” & Kingston About the Team: Kingston, a male black Lab, is Zhenya’s 2nd Guiding Eyes dog Hometown: Norwood, Massachusetts Guide Dog Mobility Instructor: Michelle Tang (March Class) Zhenya works in a customer-facing sales role for a large tech company. Her hobbies include peaceful activities like yoga… Continue reading Zhenya and Kingston

Nicholas and Norbert

Meet Home Training Graduate Nicholas Graduate Team: Nicholas and Norbert About the Team: Norbert, a male German Shepherd, is Nicholas’s 1st Guiding Eyes dog Hometown:  Portland, Maine Guide Dog Mobility Instructor:  Nikki Wentz Nicholas is Professor of Spatial Computing in the School of Computing and Information Science at the University of Maine. He is a… Continue reading Nicholas and Norbert

Samuel and Stan

  Meet Home Training Graduate Samuel Graduate Team:  Samuel and StanAbout the Team:  Stan, a male yellow Lab, is Sam’s 1st guide dogHometown:  Cranbury, New JerseyGuide Dog Mobility Instructor:  Caryn Fellows Sam has worked in public education his entire professional life, as a teacher, elementary school principal, then as a Director of Human Resources. He… Continue reading Samuel and Stan

Simon and Hank

Meet Home Training Graduate Simon Graduate Team: Simon “Mack” and Hank About the Team:  Hank,  a black and tan German Shepherd, is Mack’s 2nd Guiding Eyes dog Hometown:  Kinston, North Carolina Guide Dog Mobility Instructor:  Dave Hagemann Simon, “Mack” comes to Guiding Eyes from North Carolina for his second German Shepherd. Mack earned his associate… Continue reading Simon and Hank

David and Carver

Meet Home Training Graduate David Graduate Team:  David and Carver About the Team: Carver, a male black Lab, is David’s 2nd Guiding Eyes dog Hometown: Manchester, New Hampshire Guide Dog Mobility Instructor:  Nikki Wentz David returns to Guiding Eyes for his second guide dog and lives with his wife, Maggee, also a graduate, and her third… Continue reading David and Carver

Kaitlyn and Bea

Meet Home Training Graduate Kaitlyn Graduate Team: Kaitlyn and Bea About the Team:  Bea, a female yellow Labrador, is Kaitlyn’s 1st guide dog Hometown:  Colorado Springs, Colorado Guide Dog Mobility Instructor:  Michael Goehring Kaitlyn is a senior in high school, with aspirations of attending Colorado State University and earning a degree in Equine Science. After… Continue reading Kaitlyn and Bea

Sherry and Shani

Meet Home Training Graduate Sherry Graduate Team:  Sherry and Shani About the Team:  Shani, a female yellow Labrador, is Sherry’s 1st Guiding Eyes dog and 6th guide dog Hometown:  Longmont, Colorado Guide Dog Mobility Instructor:  Melissa Smith Sherry received her first guide dog when she was 17 years old, having dreamed of that day since… Continue reading Sherry and Shani