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Sue Ellen and Twig

Meet Home Training Graduate Sue Ellen Graduate Team:  Sue Ellen and Twig About the Team:  Twig, a female yellow Lab, is Sue Ellen’s 4th Guiding Eyes dog Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky Guide Dog Mobility Instructor: Melinda Angstrom Sue Ellen returns for her fourth Guiding Eyes guide dog, Twig. Currently employed at a manufacturing plant, she participates… Continue reading Sue Ellen and Twig

Jose and Josette

Meet Home Training Graduate Jose Graduate Team:  Jose and Josette About the Team:  Josette, a female black and tan German Shepherd, is Jose’s 1st guide dog Hometown:  Brooklyn,  New York Guide Dog Mobility Instructor:  Dan Weezner Jose came to Guiding Eyes for his first guide dog, and when partnered with a beautiful German Shepherd named… Continue reading Jose and Josette

Lisa and Uriah

Meet Home Training Graduate Lisa Graduate Team: Lisa and Uriah About the Team: Uriah, a male yellow Lab, is Lisa’s 3rd Guiding Eyes dog Hometown: Eastchester, New York Guide Dog Mobility Instructor:  Ben Cawley Lisa returns to Guiding Eyes for her 3rd guide dog and yellow Labrador. She shares that she is happily married to… Continue reading Lisa and Uriah

LaVerne and Pax

Meet Home Training Graduate LaVerne Graduate Team: LaVerne and Pax About the Team: Pax, a male black Lab, is LaVerne’s 7th guide dog Hometown: Arvada, Colorado Guide Dog Mobility Instructor:  Melissa Smith LaVerne is a native of Colorado and a supervisor with the state’s Department of Rehabilitation. When she’s not working, Laverne loves walking and reading… Continue reading LaVerne and Pax

Kyle & Ambrie

Meet Home Training Graduate Kyle Graduate Team: Kyle and Ambrie About the Team:  Ambrie, a female yellow Lab, is Kyle’s 5th guide dog Hometown:  Sequim, Washington Guide Dog Mobility Instructor:  Michael Goehring Kyle is enjoying his retirement after working for many years at his county’s transit service, booking travel as a customer service agent and performing as… Continue reading Kyle & Ambrie

Zandra & Odyssey

Meet Home Training Graduate Zandra Graduate Team: Zandra & Odyssey About the Team: Odyssey, a female black Lab, is Zandra’s 1st guide dog  Hometown:  Olympia, Washington Guide Dog Mobility Instructor:  Michael Goehring Zandra comes to Guiding Eyes for her first guide dog. Aside from her years at home with her young family, Zandra worked in… Continue reading Zandra & Odyssey

Windy and Abe

Meet Home Training Graduate Windy Graduate Team: Windy and Abe About the Team:  Abe, a male black Lab, is Windy’s 1st Guiding Eyes dog Hometown:  Austin, Texas Guide Dog Mobility Instructor:  Melinda Angstrom Windy was born and raised in a small Texas town, but now lives in the city of Austin.  She works part time as… Continue reading Windy and Abe

Eric and Becky

Thank you to our generous Sponsors… Congratulations to all the Guiding Eyes graduates, and guide dog teams, John and Cinnamon and Eric and Becky!  – Bob Rollmann and Cindy Sullivan, fosters for proud dad Guiding Eyes Ingot In Memory of Donna Brill, a life long dog lover, who especially adored all the Labrador Retrievers in… Continue reading Eric and Becky

Claire & Patty

Meet Home Training Graduate Claire Graduate Team: Claire & Patty About the Team: Patty, a female yellow Lab, is Claire’s 2nd Guiding Eyes dog Hometown: Round Rock, Texas Guide Dog Mobility Instructor:  Michael Goehring Claire will begin her senior year of college in the spring of 2021. Working towards earning a bachelor’s degree in Business Management keeps… Continue reading Claire & Patty

David & Ira

Meet Home Training Graduate David Graduate Team: David & Ira About the Team: Ira, a male black Lab, is David’s 1st guide dog Hometown: Caribou, Maine Guide Dog Mobility Instructor:  Susan Kroha David was born in Rhode Island, but now lives in Maine with his wife, Jerri. Both are Vietnam veterans who served overseas in… Continue reading David & Ira