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Raiser Checklist

Puppy raising is an act of generosity that will have a profound impact on someone’s life. It is a considerable commitment, but a very rewarding one. Answering “yes” to most or all of the items on this checklist will help you know whether you are ready to apply to raise a Guiding Eyes puppy.

The Raiser Checklist

1.) Everyone in your household must be supportive of your raising a future guide dog. Though you will be primarily responsible for the puppy, everyone in the household needs to follow our guidelines to ensure the puppy is successful.
2.) Guiding Eyes for the Blind covers the puppy’s veterinary care expenses and basic supplies; however, our generous puppy raisers support our mission by providing quality food and approved toys.
3.) Guide dogs go everywhere with handlers. To prepare for the future, you’ll make regular outings with the pup and not leave them home alone except for a few hours at a time in a crate. State laws address pups in training and allow you to bring them to public places but for your place of employment we ask that you first obtain permission from a supervisor.
young yellow Lab pup in Future Guide Dog vest
4.) If you have other pets, comfort and safety are our highest concerns.
5.) You are physically able to handle 60–80-pound dog and are prepared for the exercise needs of a large breed dog. Dogs need daily physical exercise and mental stimulation and by the time the pup comes in for training they will need at least 3 miles of walking per day.
6.) We have specific training methods and cues for our future guide dogs. Even if you have prior dog experience, we require our puppy raisers to use our methods when raising a Guiding Eyes puppy.

We will teach you these training methods through regular group classes, one on one “Walk and Talk” and coaching sessions and training materials

7.) If you don’t own your own home, some rental properties have limitations on size or breed. While puppies in our program do have access rights to go where the general public is allowed, pups on program are not covered by the Fair Housing Act. You will need to ensure that you have permission from your home’s governing body to raise a puppy.
8.) Have you reviewed our Puppy Program Policies? Before submitting an application, please review Puppy Program Policies below.

Puppy Program Policies

Below are sample Raiser and Sitter Agreements, as well as the key policies of the Guiding Eyes Puppy Program, designed to promote the safety & care of our puppies. 

Puppy Program Information Sessions

Ready to learn more about volunteering for our Puppy Program? Guiding Eyes is pleased to offer information sessions for potential Puppy Program Volunteers. Sessions are held twice a month through Zoom. If you’d like the opportunity to review the most common questions before attending a Pre-Placement Class, sign up for a session through the link below.