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Karen and Gadget

Meet Graduate Karen Graduate Team: Karen and GadgetAbout the Team: Gadget a yellow male Lab, is Karen’s 4th Guiding Eyes dogLocation: St. Petersburg, FloridaTraining: March 2024 Home Training Karen has returned to Guiding Eyes for her fourth guide dog, a yellow Labrador named Gadget. She and her late husband had lived in Atlanta, Georgia, but… Continue reading Karen and Gadget

Gary and Izzie

Meet Graduate Gary Graduate Team: Gary and IzzieAbout the Team: Izzie, a female black Lab, is Gary’s 4th guide dog, 2nd from Guiding EyesLocation: Baltimore, MarylandTraining: March 2024 On-Campus Gary and his wife reside in Baltimore, Maryland with his retired guide dog, Bowie. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services employs Gary as a staff… Continue reading Gary and Izzie

Visitors from Hong Kong School

Guiding Eyes is widely recognized for its exceptional knowledge-sharing practices, especially in the fields of breeding and genetics, as a global leader in these areas. Many service dog schools from all over the world have sought our guidance and training on various aspects of our processes. Our expertise includes state-of-the-art techniques in Cryogenics, as well… Continue reading Visitors from Hong Kong School

Guiding Eyes 47th Annual Golf Classic

Featuring Football Legend & Guiding Eyes Board Member Eli Manning who will be out on the course this year! Join us for a day of excellent golf, great food & prizes and, of course, amazing dogs – all in support of the inspiring mission of Guiding Eyes for the Blind. The Guiding Eyes Annual Golf… Continue reading Guiding Eyes 47th Annual Golf Classic

William and Quidditch

Meet Graduate William Graduate Team: William Smith & QuidditchAbout the Team: Quidditch, a male black Lab, is Bill’s 2nd Guiding Eyes dogLocation: Schenectady, New YorkTraining: March 2024 On-Campus Bill was born in Lexington, Kentucky, but grew up in the Utica, NY area. Currently, he resides in Schenectady, NY, which is just a stone’s throw away… Continue reading William and Quidditch

Karen and Ohana

Meet Graduate Karen Graduate Team:   Karen and OhanaAbout the Team:   Ohana is a female, black Lab and Karen’s 1st guide dogLocation:   Arvada, ColoradoTraining:   March 2024 On-Campus Karen is enjoying the companionship and responsibility of receiving her first guide dog later in life. Her story is ultimately one of courage and strength, having faced the trials… Continue reading Karen and Ohana

Frances and Yolanda

Meet Graduate Frances Graduate Team: Frances and YolandaAbout the Team: Yolanda, a female yellow Lab, is Frances’ 1st guide dogLocation: Buckeye, ArizonaTraining: March 2024 On-Campus Franny has been serving as the vice president of the Psychology Club in her high school, however, her graduation is approaching soon, which marks the beginning of an exciting new… Continue reading Frances and Yolanda

Robert and Artemis

Meet Graduate Robert Graduate Team: Robert and ArtemisAbout the Team: Artemis is a male, black Lab and Robert’s 1st guide dogLocation: Toronto, CanadaTraining: March 2024 On-Campus Robert lives in Toronto, where he was born and raised. Robert has both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in political science from the University of Windsor. For the last… Continue reading Robert and Artemis

Molly the Hero: A Released Pup’s Remarkable Journey

In the world of Guiding Eyes for the Blind, every dog has a purpose. From guiding those with vision impairments to serving as detection dogs or therapy companions, each canine undergoes rigorous training and evaluation from an early age. Meet Molly, a shining example of resilience and heroism, whose journey exemplifies the remarkable bond between… Continue reading Molly the Hero: A Released Pup’s Remarkable Journey

Training Running Guide “Ten”

Seeing the dog and their graduate go conquer the world and be more independent and do things that they never necessarily thought they could…that’s what makes me keep going. Jolene Hollister, Foundation Guide Dog Mobility Instructor Jolene Hollister, a Guiding Eyes Foundation Guide Dog Mobility Instructor, works closely with our Running Guides Program. Extensively tested… Continue reading Training Running Guide “Ten”