Dear Friends,

Welcome to Guiding Eyes for the Blind. Whether you’re visiting our site because you’re interested in our training programs, looking to support our work, or simply love dogs, we’re glad you’re here.

Since we were founded in 1954, we are proud to have built a wonderful community dedicated to helping people with vision loss.

At our “Puppy Center” in Patterson, New York, hundreds of exceptional puppies are born every year and cared for by a devoted team of Guiding Eyes employees and volunteers. At our main campus in Yorktown Heights, we welcome a new class of students every month, who meet and train with their new guide dogs right alongside our dedicated staff. This staff is complemented tenfold by our volunteers, including our incredible “Puppy Raisers” who care for our puppies in their early months and years, preparing them to begin the important work of guide dog training.

Every day, we work together toward a common and simple mission: to create meaningful connections between exceptional guide dogs and people with vision loss at no cost, so that they can experience all of life’s adventures. And our work is more urgent than ever. In the U.S. alone, 75,000 more people will become blind or visually impaired each year.

This mission can only be fulfilled through the generous support of our donors and with the unwavering dedication of our volunteers. Their contributions allow us to keep the Guiding Eyes community growing.

We hope that you will continue to visit for updates on our programs, and contact us at any time about how we can work together.

Thank you for visiting.


Thomas Panek
President & CEO
Guiding Eyes for the Blind